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types of payments that can be spoofed, faked, or counterfeited
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Unauthorized scam busting and scam email collection site
craigslist.org sellers, buyers, landlords, and tenants.
craigslisters say "no" to fraud.


  • To help craigslisters quickly evaluate a transaction to determine whether they are dealing with a scammer.

The Basics:

  • Is your buyer, renter, or seller proposing a . . . "creative" . . . transaction?
  • Is s/he in a hurry?
  • Ready to buy or rent sight unseen?
  • In another country? Out of state? Ireland? Las Vegas? Brooklyn?  Vancouver? Lagos?  North Dakota? The Bahamas? Florida? Wisconsin?
  • Is the deal almost too good to be true?
  • Is your *buyer* asking you to send *them* money?
  • Scammers target: items, services, housing (especially apartments & rooms), pets, childcare, tutoring, and so forth. Anything of value can be a target of the scammers!
  • Is their English shaky at best?
  • Well craigslister, it's time to find out if you need to...busta scam!

Recent scam emails submitted by craigslist customers:

  • Scam archive: The scam archive is updated daily. The archive is overflowing with actual scam emails foisted on craigslist users.
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SCAM: site faking craigslist:
From the Blog of Craig Newmark (founder of craigslist):
August 03, 2005

Just to let people know in a hurry, the site
has no relation to [craigslist], and we're escalating dramatically now.

Please get the word out.
Posted by craig [newmark] at 11:03 AM

More tips from craig on avoiding scams.

PS: If you get an email asking you to update your craigslist account, it's a fake. Don't reply to the email. Don't click on any links in the email.

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To reach us by email, please:

  • A volunteer community member will read the scam emails and post them here soon.
  • Please submit suggestions to make this site more helpful and effective.
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Is this a scam?:

1. my boss.
2. my employer.
3. my secretary.
4. non-cash payments.
5. shipping.
6. 'excess' funds.
7. [the item] or the {items}.

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  • Watch: "The Nigerian Connection" a funny, short online movie. It was created by a craigslister who got one too many scam emails when buying and selling on craigslist. If you are into satire or dark comedy this movie will instantly appeal to you. (7-megabyte QuickTime file, running time: 3-minutes:  produced by Van Cat Productions).
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Taking action:

  • STOP ALL COMMUNICATION with the suspected scammer! This is key!
  • craigslist staff has suggested notifying the ISP of the scammer.  Your best bet is to notify the ISP and insist they *shut down* the scammer's email account. Forward the original message to the ISP (i.e. abuse@yahoo.com if it's from a Yahoo user) with FULL mail headers intact--  if possible.
  • Carbon copy to: Spamcop.net (using their special submission procedures).
  • Carbon copy to: abuse@craigslist.org
  • If you feel you've been cheated in a transaction or that there is false advertising on the craigslist site, please let the craigslist abuse team know (at spam-mailscam@craigslist.org or at abuse@craigslist.org) so they can look into it on the site, so they can be prepared to provide whatever help they can to police and other investigators, and so they get a heads-up on scam activity.
  • Call the FTC toll free hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357).
  • File an IFCC/IC3 complaint.
  • Call the Canadian PhoneBusters hotline: 888-495-8501
  • For counterfeit checks/cash: United States Secret Service.
  • Call the *non-emergency* number for your local police department.
  • Contact your state attorney general or local Better Business Bureau.
  • Scam-proof Your Life by Sid Kirchheimer.
  • FBI Art Theft Program. National Stolen Art File (NSAF).

NOT recommended:

Safe selling tips:

  1. Only buy/sell locally.
  2. Get to know your buyer/seller. Contact and communicate with them.
  3. Sell safely. Only take cash. For large sums, do it at the buyers bank. Then buy a cashier's check from the teller to take to your own bank.
  4. Never click on a link or reply to emails that ask for personal information. Scammers send fake emails.
  5. Turn on your Internet Explorer 7 Phishing-Filter. This may help protect you against clicking onto fake or spoofed payment websites.
  6. Educate yourself before trading on the Internet. Check out the official and unofficial user forums on craigslist for the latest tips and advice about how to avoid common buying and selling mistakes.
  7. Verify all forms of payment. Even cash can be spoofed.
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types of payments that can be spoofed, faked, or counterfeited
sample spoofs | taking action

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